Glen Moyer

Glen Moyer is the MC for all of our Balloon launches.






Our 2017 Balloons:



Craig Hayes   “Beautiful Noise”  Steve Lombardi “REMAX”  Richard Sabin “Sea Breeze”  Pat Cannon “Taiho Niji-Go”  Jerry Holmes “Liberty”
 Mark Ibbotson “Mariah”  Billy Adler “Spitfire” Pat Harwell “Terminator”  Michael Celentano “Once Bitten, Twice High” Amanda Ibbotson “Stardust”
Bill Broker - "YouUp"
Sandy Graf “American Racer” Guy Gauthier “Orange Crush” Bill Broker  “YouUp” Chip Curtis “Wind Rose” Anthony Haynes “Almost There”
Mark Ibbotson “Loyal”









Past Festival Balloons:


Richard Sabin - Night Breeze Steve Lemay - ST Elevation Rick Ashby - Marilynn Craig Hays - Beautiful Noise Mark Ibbotson - Mariah
Chip Curtis - Wind Rose Jeff Abel - Darth Zorg Jerry Holmes - Liberty Michael Celentano - Once Bitten Twice High Jason Myers - Dolphin