2017 Booth Registration Form

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The 2017 Highland Village Lions Club Balloon Festival is – August 18-20.

All Arts and Crafts are located in 10’x10’ or larger booth space. Free electrical hookups are provided. You will need your own electrical extension cords and booth tents. Booth assignments will be on “first come” basis and early registration will provide the better locations.

Please complete the registration and include your payment to:
The Highland Village Lions Club. A 501c (4) non-profit organization
Payment can be made by check, money order, PayPal, or Credit card.

We look forward to seeing you August 18-20, 2017!!!

Tony & Melissa Casteel email: hvballoonfest17@gmail.com

Name of Business: ______________________________

Contact: ______________________________

Address: ______________________________

City: ______________________________

State: ______

Zip Code: ______________________________

Cell Phone: ______________________________

Email Address: ______________________________

Web Site: ______________________________

Type of Craft: ______________________________

Number of 10’x10’ spaces needed: ______

One booth space cost: $200.00

Credit Card Number: ______________________________

Expiration month: ___________

Expiration year: ___________

Security Code: ______

If you require more than one space please contact Tony & Melissa Casteel for the additional cost.

Mail to:

Highland Village Lions Club

Attention: Tony & Melissa Casteel

PO Box 271228

Flower Mound, Texas 75027



  • Highland Village Balloon Festival is August 18-20, 2017.
  • It is an outdoor event, held regardless of weather conditions. If severe weather is present the Highland Village Police and Event Management will determine if the event will continue.
  • Vendor fees must be paid in advance and are non-refundable.
  • Vendors are accepted on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Vendors are not permitted to sell outside of their booth space.
  • A 10’x10’ space is provided per booth purchase.
  • 110 volt electricity is provided to each booth. Please bring your own extension cords.
  • Tables, and chairs are not provided, but vendors are encouraged to bring their own.
  • All vendors must have a tent that is in excellent condition that can be weighted or held down by block or weighted buckets. “In-ground” stakes are limited to no more than 6 inches.
  • Vendor parking is limited to a designated area under the power lines, across Briarhill Blvd. Vendor vehicle access to festival arts and crafts area is only on Friday morning. All vendor vehicles must be moved to the designated parking area after unloading prior to 3 PM Friday.
  • Vendors are responsible for cleanup of trash inside and around their booth. Trash receptacles will be located throughout the area.
  • Portable restrooms are available for vendors and guests.
  • Deadline for vendor payment is August 1, 2017. Only cashier checks or cash will be accepted after August 1, 2017.
  • All participating vendors shall strictly adhere to the hours of operation for move-in and move-out.
  • Booth placement is at the sole discretion of Event Management.
  • Event Management reserves the right to stop or remove from the festival any vendor or vendor representative, performing any act or practice, which in the opinion of Event Management is objectionable or detracts from the purpose/objective of the festival.
  • Event Management reserves the right to decline a vendor’s application if they deem their product or service not suitable for the event or if there are numerous vendors previously confirmed to sell that same product or service.
  • Vendors will receive a parking pass, maps and a general information letter or email prior to arriving at the event.
  • Property brought onto the premises by any vendor is at the vendor’s sole risk and shall be removed from the premises during designated move-out times.
  • Event Management shall have the right to remove from the premises any remaining effects left after designated move-out time at vendor’s cost, if applicable.
  • Vendor retains liability and assumes all risks of loss and/or damages on site or in connection with transportation, display, storage and sale of merchandise at the Highland Village Balloon Festival. (Security is provided Friday and Saturday night)
  • Mixing of chemicals and possession of explosive materials are not allowed at any time.


Vendor/Exhibitor its officers, and members shall hold harmless and defend the Highland Village Lions Club and Highland Village Lions Foundation its agents, officers, and volunteers from all liability, judgments, suites, costs and actions, including attorneys’ fees and all cost of litigation of every kind and description brought or rendered against the Highland Village Lions Balloon Festival as a result of loss damage, or injury of persons or property by reason of any act of failure to act by its officers, members or volunteers


I understand and agree that Highland Village Lion’s Club reserves the right to cancel the event due to weather (including, but not limited to, heat, storms, lightning, floods or tornadoes), accidents, acts of war or terrorism, military conflicts or riots or for any reason that will affect the safety and security of event participants and attendees. In the event of such cancellation, there will be no refund of my entry fee or related purchases. In the event of a cancellation, this event cannot be reschedule.


I have read the General Information regarding the 2017 Highland Village Balloon Festival. By paying the vendor fee, I have agreed to the conditions and terms of this contract. I understand payment must be received with a completed Agreement by August 1, 2017.

It is understood and agreed by applicant that this entire document constitutes a contract between Vendor and the Highland Village Lions Club when the club confirms the contract. Confirmations may be mailed, faxed or emailed. Acceptance of money by the Highland Village Lions Club is not binding if fee is returned before acceptance and confirmation of this contract. Verbal agreements or promises made verbally and not specifically stated and confirmed in writing, as part of this Contract, shall not be binding.

I have read the aforementioned Rules and Regulations and agree to all the terms and conditions as they are written.

Signed ______________________________________________________________ Date __________________________________