Lions Organ and Eye Bank

The Lions Organ & Eye Bank has many and various functions to help others:

We conduct Annual White Cane activities to raise funds for the prevention of blindness and loss of vision. White Cane funds are critical to the ongoing success of the Lions Organ and Eye Bank.

We established a Vision Assistance Fund to provide financial assistance to those who need eye surgeries, cornea transplants, and other vision related assistance and who cannot otherwise afford the proper care.

We maintain an ongoing relationship with UT Southwestern Transplant Services for the advancement of soft tissue transplants. We work to establish new vision clinics throughout District 2-E2.  

We provide a Mobile Vision Clinic to the district, which can give basic eye examinations to areas not serviced by optical businesses, or where there is an economic challenge. We utilize a Mobile Vision Clinic for educational purposes throughout the district.

We constructed a memorial Rose Garden in the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens to honor donor and recipient families of transplant services.

We award scholarships to high school students who are winners of the Diabetic Essay Contest, which draws attention to the fact that diabetes can lead to blindness.

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