Highland Village Lions Foundation Vision Screening Program

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Highland Village Lions Foundation

Vision Screening Program


Vision Screenings are available free of charge during the festival in the Vision Screening RV which will be located near the food court.  Screenings are available on Friday evening from 5-7 pm and Saturday from 12-7 pm.  The screening process from registration to completion should take less than 10 minutes, so you will have plenty of time to enjoy the festival.

The Highland Village Lions Foundation uses a special camera called the SPOT to photo screen for vision problems. This is a photo method of vision screening designed for use with anyone 6 months of age and older.  This method is invaluable for those who cannot be screened by traditional methods.  This technology is non-invasive, a small flash, which is SO tiny that it can be undetectable.  The light illuminates the eye and the light reflecting from the eye is captured on a special monitor.  Patterns in the light reflection can indicate the presence of vision problems.

5% of all preschool children have vision problems and many of them go undetected.  Children with poor vision might not complain, and many will have no noticeable symptoms.  Vision problems, such as lazy eye, can lead to permanent loss of vision, and even blindness.  Vision develops so rapidly that screening for problems early is our best defense against a blinding vision problem.  The most important time to test for and correct lazy eye is in the preschool years when treatment is most effective –earlier is best.  The SPOT will detect five different conditions that can affect your child’s vision. 80% of all learning thru age 12 is visual per the CDC, so their vision is critical to learning!

Visit the Vision RV and have your and your child’s eyes checked.

The Highland Village Lions Club participates in eyeglass recycling, so please bring your used eyeglasses to the festival!



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